About Us
 Who are we?
My Language Academy represents a global belief that speaking multiple languages is vital for human developement and future success. Therefore, we have estabilished a team of experts devoted to help you learn and speak these languages fluently and confidently. Our teachers are native speakers and are professionally trained for their service. They will connect with you online during your class sessions.
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Globalization has encouraged travel, education abroad, increased international trade and jobs in foreign lands. Hence, Every language is a door-way to success.
Currently, we are only operating through schools only. The service will be held during the tution hours (M-Th) every week. However, our goal is to grow and provide our services to you in other major cities of Paksitan as well.  

Lets learn together! 

Sharing Differences

"Our core value is to unlock your true potential beyond any barriers of language. We believe in networking and connecting people. Sharing our differences by learning a new language will enable you to achieve your goals for a successful tomorrow.
                            Founder - Shahroze Khan